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Good day,

We are trying to migrate the dashboards, mashups and mashables from MZ912 to MZ105 but hitting issues:

Firstly, the full 912 export (q=all) is not recognized by 105 as a valid import zip file for both UI and command where we tried all options (for q).

Secondly, it is unclear how to define the web services connection ?
In 912 it was Connect option in Data Feeds, but in 105 it is nothing of a kind. Researched all menu, and re-read 105 documentation, still nothing.

Will appreciate your advise.


Hi Leonard,

Please note that the MashZone product changed extensively between 9.12 and 10.5.

I’ll answer the second question first - there is no replacement for long deprecated and removed functionality like Mashables, Mashups, Views and Apps. If you need a similar functionality, you have to re-create it with the existing things like source operators in data feeds (depending on what your web service delivers, the XML or JSON source operators are a good starting point).

Regarding your error with the export file - that also probably happens because it contains artifacts from 9.12 that are not usable in 10.5 anymore.

There is a specific way to upgrade from 9.12 into newer versions which differs from upgrades from 10.1 onwards. Official documentation on migration should provide you with the information you need here (these documents can be found in Empower, look for “Upgrading Software AG Products On Premises” for version 10.5).

Hi Helmut,

We did attempt to upgrade from 912 by replacing the 105 MZ repository with 912 as in the documentation, but see only the dashboards in 105.

Web services are the source of data and are necessary to build the solution from scratch, and the question is how to create these connections ?

We saw the option to use XML/JSON in the data feeds, but this is about using files as data, and the same option is there in 912, so it is not an answer, I suppose …



You can use source operators with URLs that deliver data from REST web services if they provide a GET method. Simply paste the URL into the source operator that fits the result data format of that service.

If it is a SOAP web service, or only offers POST access, you will have to create an intermediate service that fetches the data and then hands it over to MZ, or offers a RESTful API that you then can access using the above method. This is custom implementation and not in the scope of MashZone, though.

JSON file option works with URL to call REST, thank you.

Although I stuck completely trying to map the datasource to the view other then GRID cause the columns could be dragged only to X-axis and partition, while Y-axis (left or right) just rejecting columns of all types. I caqnnot implement anything I see in the documentation.

I find 912 was much more workable, while 105 is such a puzzle.Just my opinion.

Y-Axes in many cases have to be of datatype “NUMERIC” or “DATE” - “TEXT” columns are only usable in special cases here.

Some columns are not recognized as NUMERIC/DATE by default. If your column that contains numeric or date data is not discovered as such, please try changing its type using the “change data type” operator. Then a data assignment to y-axes should work.

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Hi Helmut,

Thank you very much for the second tip: this makes the trick !



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