Marguerite : a little freeware to manage EntireX brokers


I work in a company where EntireX is really critical for our core business.
So, in order to manage our broker more efficiently, I needed something faster and more user friendly than the System Management Hub.

That’s why I created Marguerite.

It’s a little C++ freeware that runs on Windows (but could easily be ported to Linux, Solaris…). I do my best to make it VERY easy to setup and use, and very fast.

For now, it’s still in its infancy : you can only do basic stuff, such as stopping a broker, activate a broker trace, view the activity of the workers, services, servers and clients, kill a server…

For those of you who could be interested in such a tool, you can download it at

Comments, ideas, critics, feature requests are of course very welcome !! :slight_smile: