I am new to webMethods.
my project needs lots of mapping so can any body tell what all things i should keep in mind while mapping .
I am also confused how and when to use loop.
With the help of my seniors i m doing that but not able to make any concepts regarding mapping.

Mapping is process where you assign the results/inputs to some target structure. You can use loops when the source is a LIST and you need to get values from each item in the list. You can think about the impact of the mapping on performance. I don’t know any special things to keep in mind.


Hi Ranuka,
care must be taken, on "Data" which is undergoing transitions.So, In mappingservices data is the most valuable.As there are many ways to implement the logic, What ever the logic be played to transfer the data between two resources the objective of the trasaction should not be effected; which inturn should not have effect on the originality of the data at the target.
You can find more relative stuff in this forum.Also refer webMethods Developer’s user Guide.pdf which is available in webMethods advantage website.In this all the flowsteps (map,Branch,Loop,Repeat,…) have been explained in detail with screenshots.

Hope this may be useful.


In my case not only the source data but target data is also List.
Some have suggested to use append to list.
When to use Edit in property tab.

Check with Mapping Best practing Guide

Hi shaik,
From where i will get that guide.

Check Advantage Site–> you can get in Best Practises Guide

Here is the link -