Mapping Webdav as a Drive on Solaris (something like WebDriv

Hi All,
Can we emulate Tamino Webdav drive on solaris so that it can be accesses as is a normal file system on the solaris platform.
Something like what Riverfront Webdrive does on the windows platform. This is to allow non webdrive client application to store content on Tamino Webdav on Solaris platform.

I hope to get some lite on this.

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Hello Paulus,

We have tried (version davfs-0.2.4) some time ago and it did work in our environment. Please have also a look at:

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Thanks for your reply. Was your test environment Solaris?

If not, do you think it will execute in Solaris?

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Hello Paulus,

we have tested with Linux only. Their web side states as an OS Linux only.
You will get a set of C files for compilation, I would give it a try.
Please keep us informed, if you try it.

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