Mapping problem with in the documents

i have a problem while mapping between the documents. i am able to extract the data from the database, but while mapping, some of the values are not coming to pipeline. Here are the steps i followed.

1.invoke the adapter service to get the values from the database
2.Loop over the Document/results
3.Then mapping the Document/result with the other document.

interesting thing is i can able to see all the values from the database in the pipiline, but while mapping those values with another document some values were missing. Those fields were GrossWeight, NetWeight,Total GrossWeight etc…

i appreciate if anyone can help me regarding this

might be the data type is not matching at both ends,change it to java.lang.String


I agree with Mukesh. It seems like source & target fields datatype for mapping are not the same. When you create adapter service, it will list you all the database column names and output data types in developer. For example, developer display output data type as objects for database columns of type date, date timestamp, integer, etc. You should be able to change the output data type to String (java.lang.String) and map them to the target fields.


Hi Muskesh and Nilesh,
Thanks for your inputs and it works for me