Mapping, Pipeline and Results

Hello all -

I've read through the documentation and have scanned forums, but haven't found what I'm looking for...maybe it's too obvious?
I have a simple MAP step in a flow service.  I am mapping from one doctype to another doctype.  In addition to the basic "connect the dots" mapping, I have a string field that I've added to the PipeLine out in my MAP.  The string is assigned a value. 
When I test the MAP step alone using the Send XML option, the Results and pipeline show the correct mappings AND the additional string element with the correct value.
When I step through the flow that invokes the MAP step, the mappings work, but the additional string element is nowhere to be either the pipeline, results screen,...anywhere.
Why is this and how do I add elements to the pipeline in steps and have them stay in the pipeline?

Can you post a screenshot of your FLOW? I’m a little confused about the specifics of when this works and when it doesn’t.

Thanks. I hate to be stupid, but…how do I post a screenshot of the FLOW here?

Click on the advanced editing button and then click “manage attachments”.



When you step thru the flow make sure the map step where the new added field is getting mapped or not…also see if the new string is getting dropped somewhere in between the steps.

Try this just for debugging purpose in the beginning of your flow setValue to the new added string with something and in the downstream even if your mapping to this variable doesnt work atleast setValue should show up in the pipeline results.If it shows up then there isnt any dropping but its problem might be with the mapping link to the new added string.Please check it.