savePipeline / restorePipeline Issue

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Sorry to trouble you over something which is going to be so trivial to most.

Implementing the savePipeline and restorePipelines services as per the documentation.

No exception is being thrown when I run/trace the flow, but is it correct that the restorePipline output is coming back with just the $name variable name that I assigned (‘invoicPipeline’) ? Unsure if this single string variable would hold the pipeline variables. If it does how do I access them?

Thanks and sorry again.

Yes, DS. Whatever we give as Name,that will identify the pipeline in memory.


Hey MR as173d,

Many thanks for responding my friend. I hope you are well. :smiley:

Yes, understood but how do I now access the variables within and separate them into the new pipeline?


You cannot access/change them from the pipeline filename that saved, but when you restore pipeline the variables that comes in the results you can access it or modify (manually) during run-time test and in the down stream steps .


Hey RMG,

Thank you for taking the time out for me.

Yes, I have understood that bit. As my initial queston, I correctly place the savePipeline and restorePipeline objects in the package (but in different flows). I don’t get an exception, so clearly (you can correct me if I’m wrong), its ok in that regard but the only thing I see in the pipeline is the $name variable I called the pipline. I don’t see any of the variables

Help :frowning:

Thanks boys

Where did you place the pipeline file and that you are trying to restore it in the flow?


Thank you again for replying my friend, really appreciate you taking time out for me.

There is no file as I’m using savePipeline which stores to server memory. Only savePipelineToFile stores a file in directory.

If you imagine I have a package. In that package I have a folder called Inbound. The Inbound folder contains two flows. One flow is called ‘Execute’ and the other is called ‘Order’

‘Execute’ contains the global variables. At the end I invoke ‘savePipeline’ (name $name variable input as ‘variablePipe’) and then invoke the ‘Order flow’.

The Order flow starts by invoking ‘restorePipeline’. The input of this $name and as ‘savePipeline’ I call it ‘variablePipe’ so that it references what is in memory.

When I run the flow all I get in the results tab is $name = variablePipe

I’m clearly being dumb! :frowning:

Again, thank you for your help and time.

Yes you are using in memory via savePipeline ignore I said about pipeline file… :smiley:

But I don’t think those vars will be carried over unless you call a doInvoke (JS API) with the inputs you want to assign to be appeared in another different flow etc… And I may be misunderstanding your terminology not helping you much…

Also is the Global Variable’s functionality working fine for you and appearing fine in the flow steps?

How ever let us see other user’s handle this for you!


I support RMG on this.


Hi Guys,

As I said above the global variables work fine in the flow, its when I ‘saveToPipeline’ and try to access those global variables from memory in another flow in the same package using restoreToPipeLINE that I can’t see to see or understand how I then access those variables in memory. All I see is the variable I used as input for saveToPipeline

I don’t think Java is the answer as the documentation makes no reference to it. Unfortunately this is brain teaser and we don’t seem to know.

Would it be possible for you boys to show me using screenshots how you would save the pipeline in one flow and then reinstate that pipeline in another flow in the same package? That would be a massive help.

Thanks for your help boys, I really do appreciate it.

DS, consider the below case:

step1 has a map which has initialization of 2 variables namely var1, var2.
step2 has savePipeline service where name is set with ‘pipe’.
step3 has some other logic.

step1 has restorePipeline where name is set with ‘pipe’.
step2 has a map step where as part of var3 I want to get var1 value which is been stored as part of flow1. For this variable is set with %var1%, tick Overrite pipeline Value, Perform variable substitution.

Kindly let me know if above scenario is making sense for your need.


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Thank you Ji’,

I will do it right now. Thank you MR as173d :smiley:

Nops, you are wc, kindly let me know your observation.


MR as173d ,

Flow 2, step 2. What type of variable am I creating. Just a ‘normal’ string type? OR a list ?

do I put %var1% in the label field?

Thanks my friend. :smiley:

for your easiness, take String type.


MR as173d,

You, my brother, are an absolute genius!! Thank you sooo much. It worked :smiley:

I didn’t know you had to assign variables like that. It didn’t say it in the documentation. I just thought it would return an array.

Thank you soo much. Very, very kind of you.

No problem my brother. You are most welcome. You can reach me @ for any help. Can you please send me a test mail if you don’t mind.


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Thank you. I have emailed you.

Glad to hear it’s resolved your issue and hope you are now pipeline introspection expert :smiley: