Mapi support

After a meeting where suspicious drinks must have been involved, our admins just reported that they would soon disable SMTP and POP3 support on our exchange mail server, and we would have to switch to using MAPI.
I have quickly Googled information about Mapi and it I have found no proper way to implement this…
Until now we used only the WmPublic smtp services, and a basic mail client listener
Is there a Webmethods (or even java) way of using the MAPI API ?

Our requirements are to

  • poll a mailbox and retrieve its mails
  • send mails

Thank you!


There are very little support of MAPI outside of microsoft world. You may check some of the opensource MAPI tools, see if working.
Or, you can check the Microsoft Package for IS. At least you can go through this way to call service on the .Net side. I’d assume that on .Net you can call MAPI to do whatever you want.