MAP step leaves after execution only the mapped variables in document


i try the following:

  • -> document reference to SAP Idoc Type ORDERS05 (OK)
  • then i have to map ORDERS05/ORDERS05/IDOC[0]/EDI_DC40/RCVPRT to value ‘LI’.
  • but when MAP step is executed the structure of ORDERS05 is destroyed and only
    ORDERS05/ORDERS05/IDOC[0]/EDI_DC40/RCVPRT is there. In fact it seems as if only
    the explicit mapped elements persist and all others were deleted.

But i want to map only the element in the whole complex structure.

I have no idea, whats going wrong. I attached the document.

Any ideas ?


ORDRSP.xml (10.9 KB)

In the bizdocToRecord step the boundNode output are you mapping to ORDERS05 (document type structure) which is already existing document type ORDERS05 as a (documentReference) in the pipeline? If yes then it shouldn’t disappear in the down stream map steps.

Can you please check the output mapping from the bizdoctorecord and check if there is any map link problem etc??

I suspect its a mapping problem link to the document (IDATA) itself and so it is loosing the root/all fields as you might be mapping to a temp document instead of documentRefernce.