Managing My webMethods Server


can any one pls tell me about NODE_NAME in cluster.xml and (or .sh) files in MWS.

By mistake, i’ve lost node name of one environment. Presently, it showing NODE_NAME is ‘default’ in both files.

is it possible to give any NODE_NAME means like ‘*****’?

i’m asking about node number which will give at end ‘node*****’… not about host name ‘

or by chance is it possible to get NODE_NAME with number which i lost?


You can find the node name in backup file also…try to verify there you see node name & number


I have few question

1)how you lost it?
2)Why you need it again

Please be clear about issue?


Thanks for reply.

But there is no file under SAG/MWS/Server/Default/config/ path.

I’ve lost because of data refresh from one environment to another.

Now problem is unable to start MWS. because of this data refresh NODE_NAME has got changed and it is pointing to another environment.

my question is i know hostname but i dont know node number ‘*****’.

So, Can you please help me on this.?

Just an idea…Do you guys maintain any backup?


MWS_CONFIG table contains the file content of cluster.xml and cluster.xml.bak.
You can get the required information from there.

Try to all files mentioned below



Try to initialize MWS Instance by using below commands

For Windows: mws.bat -servername run
For UNIX: -servername run


Please verify MWS DB table, if you can see any thing

Note: I advice to take backup before you proceed with any action


In general, the specific syntax of the NODE_NAME value is not too important. It is only used to uniquely identify your node in the cluster. So as long as the value in your config files matches the name in the cluster node definition in the cluster.xml file and the value is unique for your cluster, then you should be ok.

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Thanks Eric for your replay.

it was worked as excepted. I’ve used value ‘default’.