Manager log in problem

I went ahead and uninstalled the Manager thinking that there was something I did that was causing that error. I then reinstalled it but I am still unable to login through the console. The error message I am getting this time is:

“Failed to login: This user is not assigned to any group”

How do I assign users to groups without logging in to the console. I checked on the Manager server (IS) and the user Administrator is assigned to the groups Administrators, Replicators and Everybody.

Please help.


Hi Michael,

The same pblm with me,i did all procedures as per document which is coming along with wmManager still the error,did u get any feedback on the same…if u have any pls share whith me ur thoughts and suggessions.

Anyone help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance


You might have forgot to execute the fallowing steps after installation which was mentioned in Page28 of Manager Console installation guide.

To configure the webMethods Manager Console Service
Execute the ManagerServices migration script.
cd c:\Program
2 Delete all the files in this directory with the exception of the ‘help’ and ‘TNA’ folder:
c:\Program Files\webMethods6\ManagerConsoleServices\runtime\data
This concludes the data configuration

Just execute these steps and see.