Manager installation


can u pls let me know what is WebMethod Manager Server and what is the use of that server.and for what purpose we use it.

thx in advance


I have tryed to install the webMethods Manager server but i am facing problem in connectivinty to jdbc oracle. The error which is given as:-

Database connection Isssue.Please Verify Manager JDBC Pool is configured and database connectivity is established.

While installing its asking about the

Pool name : Manager

pool Type :

Database Driver : DataDirectConnect JDBC Oracle Driver.

Database Url : Jdbc:wm:oracle ://:;SID=

Database UserName
Database Password

what information i have to mention in database Url pl let me know…

thx in advance

Hi All,

While Installing the webMethods Manager server i am getting the error message in cosole like :-

Database connection Issue.
Please Verify Manager JDBC POOL is configure and database connectivity
is established.

thx in adavance


This is normally encountered when you have not successfully run the SQL installation scripts for the Manager database user. There is an oracle.bat or script under your install directory (example, /opt/webMethods/common/db/scripts/oracle). If you run this it will give you the ability to install/reinstall your Manager user schema. You need to do this before you can bring up the Manager.

If you have not created your schema yet, you can use the configurator to install the schema and configure it. It is located under your install directory/Portal/tools/configurator. The script is You can try to contact me if you have questions.

What Manager provides is an interface for monitoring your webMethods environment, Brokers, Integration Servers, Adapters, etc. You can gather data on various variables such as Used Memory, Number of connected clients, size of adapter queues and such as that. We make good use of the Objects Status metric which tells you if something goes down. You provide the alerting method and who to contact.

process which we have followed for Installation of Webmethod manager Server.

we are tryed to install the webMethods ManagerServer by Image file(WM651Image).

we have created four diffrent database username and password.and give seprate username and password for
JDBC connection.,Analysis database component.
,process traker database component,process audit log database component.

after installation we have run the oracle.bat.

then we have started the server as :

it give output as :
skipped compiling(java/lang/Thread)(sleep)
server initialized.

Then we start the consol (http://localhost:5555) it give the error as :-

Database Connection Issue.please verify Manager Jdbc pool is configure and database connectivity
is established.

can u pls let me know that steps which i have fallow is correct or not…

thx in advance



I have install the manager server.and run the oracle.bat while running the oracle.bat i have seen in command prompt there are pacakge created with compilation errror…

and i have not found out the path /Portal/tools/configurator. and script.

if u have any documention of how u have install and what steps have to fallow pls send me doc. at my email id

thx in advance

Hello sgour,

You need proper db schema for manager created with WMROOT\common\db\scripts\oracle\oracle.bat (check that evry thing is ok for manager with webMethods_Database_Guide_6.5_and_6.5.1.pdf)

Next you have to configure jdbc pool for manager. Log in to Manager Server. Select “Integration Server Admin” link. There configure jdbc pools - Manager Server Storage only is sufficient.

Good Luck!

Hi all,

I want to know for before running the oracle. bat which is located in webMethods/common/db/scripts/oracle. we have to create the schema.?..

for that schema we have to required configurator to install the schema.I have seen that
there is run.bat is install in directory/Portal/tools/configurator.but when i am running it in oracle tab it ask about the

portal database username:
poratal database password:
oracle SID:
oracle adminstration name : SYS
oracle adminstration password:
portal table space name:

I have given the SID
and oracle adminstration name and password which i have created and that password i have granted the privalages ad dba.examples username :wm1 and password :wm1.

its given me the error password do not match…

can u pls clarify all my above doubt which i have during instalation of manager server.

thx in advance

Hi All,

I have some query regarding the manager server.I want to know:-

what is managed object ?.

what is open managemen inerface and what is use of it ?..

what is satellite,controller and datahandler means in manager server and what we can do with them?..

what manager server provide and what is use of it…

thx in advance
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Most, perhaps all, of your questions are answered in the webMethods Manager User’s Guide.

After reading this document carefully, please post any other questions here.

wMUsers is not now, and will never be, a replacement for disciplined study of the webMethods product documentation.


Hi All,

We have install the manager server. we have gone throw the integration servers link of Manager Server Admin pages. It gives us the list of all the integration servers, packages within an integration server and services within a package.

It is allowing to select/deselect the integration servers/packages/ services to manage.

We were trying to explore how the Manager Server is managing the Integration Server. We went thru pdfs and we felt that we need to install Manager Console separately for viewing the Management objects status. Are we correct?

We tried installing the Console but in the Installation Setup there is no option to install the console. We then tried installing “My webMethods” but it is asking for Portal server related information. Since we were not sure, we cancelled it.

kidly let me know wheater for managing the object we have to install the manager console and mywebmetods.

thx in advance

Hi all,

i have install the manager server 65. a that time satellite,controller and datahandler all are woking. but when i have install the optimze in same manager server directory path. The satellite is not working it give :-

setting environment…

D:\wMMgr6\optimize\satellite\bin>“/bin/java” -Xms64m -Xmx300m -Djava.class.path=
lib\xmlsec-1.1.jar” -Dbase.config.path=“D:\wMMgr6\optimize\satellite\conf”
-Doptimize.home.path=“D:\wMMgr6\optimize\satellite” com.dante.station.satellite.Satel
liteProcess start
The system cannot find the path specified.


I have adjust the path in enviorment varable name :OPTIMIZE_SATELLITE_HOME=
value :D:\wMMgr6\optimize\satellite

even though its giving the above error.

thx in advance


Manager server is a component of webMethods which can monitor and manage components external and internal to webMethods. It can give you the health check of all of your interanl server i.e. IS servers, brokers, wor flow servers, main frame servers. It also can check on the healht of netwrok hubs etc. Satellite, controller, Data handler and Manager console together form the frame work for webMethods manager
Please go through the documentation for more details


Hi All,

I have very new work to webMethods. I have given the task for manager server its work and what is use and how we can manage the resource and object…

I have install the manager server 65. But i am not able to undersstand how manager server manage the resource and object b using the manager Server Admin.

I have started doing RND and reading the Pdf i came to know we may need manager console for manging the object . I am right ?

I have install the mywebmethods also… But i am not able to understand the fuctionality of mywebmetods.

I have not find any documement and pdf for manager console installation.

can u pls help me out to solve my problem

thx in advance

Hi all,

I have install the manager server 65.and also the mywebmethods.when i go the My webMethods Administrator page it show error like

POP.012.9002.wm_bam_kpi_data] Remote Exception caught: com.webMethods.caf.wsclient.WSClientException: Failed to bind to endPoint: http://:/services/events.wsdl and interface: interface com.webMethods.optimize.event.common.IEventService: could not bind to path: http://:/services/events.wsdl

when ever i click the link link Monitor management,and system configration/system information.

In system configration/system information link status of controller,datahadler is comming unavalable… and at below show the satellite where it give the same error as above…

can u pls help me where i am wrong…

thx in advance

Hi ,

pls let me know how to change the port number of controller in manager server. and what is the default port number for controller its 8080 or some other one…

becouse i have doubt into it. in 8080 oracle page is displaying.
thx in advance


Page 40.



Default ports for Controller Http-12503,DataHandler Http-12603,Satellite Http-12005


Hi All,

I am using the manager server 65.but when i start the controller after some time controller goes down. I have seen in the log files of controller its is giving the error as:-

[Thread : main] ERROR2006-05-17 21:38:34.523 GMT+05:30Exception constructing class [com.dante.station.controller.ControllerStation] with params null
[Thread : main] ======== Begin StackTrace ======
at com.dante.util.HibernateStorage.openSession(
at com.dante.station.controller.ControllerStation.initStationMap

I am very new to webMethods can u pls let me know wheather controller will go down after some time or remain active through out.and regarding the above error.

with regards

See my advice on your other post.