Management section in the IS console not working

Hello all,
Sometimes after an IS reboot, the management section of the IS console will return an empty page (even thought there ARE packages available and working).
When looking in the error logs, we see this message happening everytime we try to access the management section:

wm.server.packages:packageList: NullPointerException

Indeed, this service of the package WmRoot will crash withthe same exception if launched in a Developer.

The error goes away after another reboot.
Has anyone got a clue about this?

Thanks in advance!

I have seen empty pages when package “Default” was not loaded, aside from that what stack trace are you getting in the error?

The strange thing for you is that work after a reboot, so mostly you had a problem in the first boot. Try increase log to see if you had some errors giving some hint, or any ACL’s issue.

Check your WmRoot package and make sure it is not corrupted. Try to run the service packageList in WmRoot and see the results (make sure to run it from IS Administrator, instead from Developer).


the stackTrace in the error logs consists of only one line, basically a NullpointerException, with no more information.
Next time we reproduce the error I’ll copy exactly what I get.

Akki: the WmRoot package seemed to be OK, as some other services worked, I didn’t check every service though. Is there an easy way to check if a package is corrupted? I’ll try to run it directly next time it blows up. Right now everything seems OK…

By the way I forgot to mention: we’re working with IS 6.5.

Thanks for the replies!

Well tha package management page uses WmRoot/pub/package-list.dsp which invokes service wm.server.packages:packageList and since you get a null pointer exception it does not show anything as is not getting data returned to the DSP.

One thing you can do is add the following extended setting:

Restart IS and you can now from developer browse WmRoot package, when issue happens you can try to execute that service from developer and check if you get a stacktrace.

However developer itselves will use packageList itselves to display the tree of packages, so it might be Developer doesn’t work when that happens.

If that’s the case, raise a support request to get help from wM.

I don’t really understand it but we finally found the cause of the problem:
Let’s say we have package One and package Two
One has a declared dependency on Two.
Each time we deliver Two, One gets messed up:

  • the package is still present, but completely empty
  • each operation on the package returns a nullPointerException, including many WmRoot administration services, including the management section of the IS console!

The error has not occured since we removed all declared dependencies in every package. We only let dependencies to WmTomcat for the packages that have a web interface (else the interface won’t work) and it’s OK since we never deliver or reload the package WmTomcat anyway.
We had already faced this right after our migration from IS 6.1 to 6.5, but I thought we had already removed all dependencies…

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