Loop doesn't work for one line item

When there is only one element in the loop, then the statements inside the loop are getting executed.
But if there are more than 1 item, then statements are executed.

This does not happen if I run this flow service without restoring from pipe line(first time). This happens only when I save the pipe line first time and run using restore pipeline second time.

Can any body help?


First time --> works: (only one item in the loop)

savepipeline -->enabled
restorepipeline --> disabled

stmt1 -->runs

second time --> does not works: (only one item in the loop)

savepipeline --> disabled

stmt1 --> does not enter here

When you do restorepipeline are you seeing the document or documentlist in the pipeline?If doclist then only your loop will work.

Step thru your flow and compare the behaviour of save and restorepipeline,you should definetely see some difference in the pipeline,which causes loop not woking for single lineitem.


What variable does the loop use?

Use savepipelineToFile and restorePipelineToFile and see what happens.