Login Issue in IS 9.7

Hi WM Users,

We are facing issue in our UAT Integration server version 9.7 where user unable to login to IS via there NT ID
I have verified same by using admin it’s working fine and even i have cross verified in MWS → My webMethods Directory Services → LDAP “XYZ” is enabled and configured properly

Did any face this type of issue?
Can any one provide me resolution/corrective steps to solve this Issue?

IS Error in log show
LDAP Directory [XYZ] Failed LDAP Search for: (&(objectclass=user)(sAMAccountName=xyz123))java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Failed to create a thread: retVal -1073741830, errno 11

Hi Raj,

please check for IS-, MWS- and SCG-Fixes as there might be some issues with the LDAP-Handling.

Is this permanently failing or only some times?

There might be some issues with your search query leading to big results and therefore causing the OutOfMemoryError.


Hi Holger,

This is happening in UAT Env,we have applied all latest fixes for IS and MWS

We are not doing a big query in MWS but In this case users are trying to login to IS by using there NT IDs so i check MWS active directory and it’s enable and look good but in MWS logs i didn’t any more info for this issue while in IS logs i find that exception

This is happening some times not much frequently.

Can you share few steps so that i can verify by Env looks good related to this issue?