After installing the corefix16, not able to login to the Integrations server console

Hi Experts,

Could someone please assist , after installing the CoreFix16 , we are not able to login to the Integration server with both the LDAP and Administrator credentials.

2022-07-10 03:52:12 PDT [ISC.0038.0002D] (tid=77408) ← Authorization: xyz_ldap:****
2022-07-10 03:52:12 PDT [ISC.0038.0002D] (tid=77408) ← Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate, br
2022-07-10 03:52:12 PDT [ISS.0002.0023E] (tid=110761) Error initializing a connection to ldaps://wmldaput:443: wmldaput:443
2022-07-10 03:52:12 PDT [ISS.0002.0009E] (tid=77408) Unable to open a connection to ldaps://wmldaput443
2022-07-10 03:52:12 PDT [ISS.0012.0012W] (tid=77408) Authentication of user “xyz_ldap” failed with exception: Login Failure: all modules ignored.
2022-07-10 03:52:12 PDT [ISS.0053.0002C] (tid=77408) Access denied for user varun_km_ldap on port 28668 → ‘WmRoot/index.dsp’ from
2022-07-10 03:52:12 PDT [ISC.0038.0002D] (tid=77408) → HTTP/1.1 401 [ISS.0084.9001] Invalid credentials
2022-07-10 03:52:12 PDT [ISC.0038.0002D] (tid=77408) → Connection: close

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

A few questions,

  1. Can you mention which version of Integration Server you are using?
  1. The error says Unable to open a connection to ldaps://wmldaput443 , you can confirm if this machine is reachable.
  1. Do you have other Integration Servers at the previous fix levels which connect to the same LDAP and still work?
  1. In the server logger, you can turn the facility - 0002 LDAP Connection and 0012 Authentication to Trace and check if there is more information.
  1. You can also check the readme of the Core fixes to check if there is anything connected to LDAP.
  1. Last but not least , you can try to invoke a service on IS (host:port/invoke/pub.flow:debugLog maybe) , through Postman/other client to check if you get similar errors.


Hi @Nagendra_Prasad ,

Thanks for response ,

We are using 10.5 version , The machine is reachable . Yes we installed for some other hosts too, there we can use LDAP is working. The remaining steps i had implemented and checking the logs

K M, Varun

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