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Hi, Last time I worked on WebMethods was on 11 years ago and that was also a POC. Since then I have worked on few other integration/SOA platforms and suddenly I need to find out some information about WebMethods. So please consider me as good as who do not know anything about WebMethods. So I will gratefully appreciate if you can help / coach me with this:

We have to develop some services for certain business use cases. How do we go about having a common shared logging, auditing and error handling framework? Assume most simple scenarios like updating the database and/or appending to a log file. Is this something that WebMethods provides out of the box?

Do we have to create some components/liberaries whcih then could be plugged to send the logging/error message out. And then some other services to process those messages the way we like?

How do most implementations/clients go about implementing such common things thats needs to be shared across all services/interfaces.

Please explain in as much as detail as you and also point me to the right set of documentation if there is one available. So I can just jump on it and it make some sense to me.

Many thanks in advance.


All the webMethods documentation available online via this site:

http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/documentation and look for webMethods on your left…There is tons of user guides you can start with (Integration Server, Broker,Trading Networks,my webmethods portal,Adapters/JDBC,web services/SOAP guiedes… etc…

Since you have pretty good background on Integration/SOA/Java patterns yes wM out box provides public services/libraries (unless you need more custom jars per your requirement) and Error handling capabilities (via built in event manager and logging (to db or file system per your needs) and many more features.

Good luck and use this forum and search all sections you will end up with more knowledge…


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Thanks rmg for replying to the post. Excuse me that I am asking you this without actually looking at the documentation as it might be very obvious there.

is there a specific section/document that will help me build me my understanding about these publicly available services and how to use them?

I just wanted to avoid sifting through tons of documents. Thanks again and hopefully you would not mind.

Yes public services you can access through this (not know what version of webMethods you are learning)



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