Log file handling in Mashzone 10.1

Hi All

I had a query regarding the way log files are handled in mashzone 10.1 . We have localhost_access-date.txt log file under /MashZoneNG/apache-tomcat/logs . Client has a scheduled script that zips this log file and moves it to different server and keeps the zipped one in current server. Somehow they had included the current day log file also in their script because of which the log file which was active was also zipped and not available anymore. So in this scenario should a new log file be created by mashzone server once the active one was zipped or should it stop logging because the active one was renamed/removed ? In our case no logging is happening after the the file is zipped.The log file is changed everyday.


In your case, if Mashzone is not creating new log file, can you update the scheduled script (that zips all the log files) to exclude the last updated log file or to exclude latest log files by sorting them by “Date Modified” Desc ?

Hi Nanthini

Thanks . We corrected the script.