How can I log user info when user copies or deletes a file f

Hi All

I have installed Tamino and successfully created a web folder. I am also able to copy/delete/create files in the web folder.

How can I log user information when a user copies or deletes a file from web folder. Is there any logging machanism provided.

Please help me out


Hi Deepak,

Tamino WebDAV Server (TWS) creates an access log which you can find inside the jakarta-tomcat/logs/ directory of your TWS installation. The name of the log file in question is nt_service_jvm_stdout.log (Windows) or catalina.out (UNIX).

In version 4.1.x of TWS you control the format of a log line by configuring the “webdavlog” servlet filter (edit the file web.xml inside directory taminowebdavserver/WEB-INF of your TWS installation).


P.S.: Please notice, that there is a forum “Tamino WebDAV Server” which covers all about WebDAV.