Tamino log

Hi to all,
my question is:
is there a way to know wich user modify, delete or insert something in a db?
In other words, if i use for example xplorer to modify a record, is there a trace somewhere (log or something else) where i can check not only what kind of operation but even wich user did the operation?


Hi Lorenzo,

there is no default functionality in Tamino for this.
I see two possibilities to get this.

  1. The Tamino request log contains this information.
  2. You can write a Trigger Server Extension which creates such log information on these events and stores them in a separate Tamino doctype. Inside the SXS you can use a yet undocumented Tamino-specific XQuery function which is named tf:get-current-user() (available as of Tamino v8).

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thx Michael,
where i can find the Tamino request logs?

Tamino request log is normally only a feature used for problem analysis.
You need to switch it on explicitly and it writes the log into files on your file system.
It is a rolling file appender, i.e. you can specify how many files and up to which size each file shall be generated. The default values are pretty low. Once all files are generated and filled, it starts to override the oldest file.

To switch it on, you need to call the inoadmin command from the bin folder in the Tamino installation:

inoadmin set “request log” “full” norestart
inoadmin set “XML request log folder” “” norestart
inoadmin set “XML request log file count” “” norestart
inoadmin set “XML request log file max size” “” norestart

Then you have to restart the database. After restart you can find the request log in the specified folder.

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