Activity logging (log.xml)

Configuration : Tamino / Solaris 9 / Apache 2.0.43

In previous version of Tamino, all operations were logged in a log.xml file (after some modification of the registry).
I made the same modifications, restarted the DB but there is no log file created.
How can I activated the activity logging?


Hi Olivier

in Tamino 4.1 the XML request log is activated/configured by the following registry entries:

“XML request log folder” // an existing directory
“XML request log file count” // (optional - default: 2)
“XML request log file max size” // (optional - default: 1 [units of MB])

Log files will be named
Tamino..log.[.xml] - extension .xml since Tamino 4.1.2

The good news:
Tamino 4.2 will support all that as an official feature and allow for configuration via Tamino Manager

Best regards

Great! It works fine! Thanks!