Disable Activity Logging for Collection

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Is there any way to disable Activity Logging for only one collection?

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Please specify a little more what you mean by “Activity Logging” !?
There is a functionality in Tamino, which perform a logging of any changes made on the data. This logging activity is noticed by a “Protection Log” in Tamino.
But anyhow this schould not be turned off (which is a hidden functionality and is obviously needed for a proper DB functionality).

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I think that’s the logging (Log Space) I’m talking about. I would like to turn it off for a specific collection, because it’s used by an application as temp space to store xml docs (lot of inserts and deletes).

There’s a lot of activity on that collection, but i don’t want to track that activity becouse it’s completely useless for me and my filesystem is getting full too often.

Is it possible?

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The log space contains the information required to recover updates after restoring a database.
So as Eric mentioned before this schould NEVER be turned off.

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I will never need to recover that collection becouse it’s temporal data. Anyway it seems that log space is needed by Tamino server, so i understand it could not be disable.