Logs and backups


After making a new backup, I just lost all my logs (Database Spaces-Log Spaces). Why are they deleted? :frowning: How can I keep the logs (in the future)? I have been searching some options in Properties tree, unfortunately I have not found some useful about logs.

Dariusz Baumann

Your log-files should not be deleted.
My guess is that they have been moved to the logical place called log archive.
The setting you should be looking for in SMH is
/properties/server/number of backup generations
where you specify how many generations of backup with associated logfiles should be kept.
The other place to look is where you logfile goes
/locations/Log Archive Location

Hello Dariusz,

Check the ā€œnumber of backup generationsā€ server parameter. Tamino will only keep this number of generations (the backup and its logs), older ones will be deleted. If you need to keep them ad infinitum then set this parameter to something very very high. For more information check out ā€œBackup and Restoreā€ from the ā€œGetting Startedā€ link in the Tamino documentation.

Also note that when logs are closed they are moved to the log archive location so if this differs to the log location you will see them being moved.

Hope this helps.

Stuart Fyffe-Collins
Software AG (UK) Ltd.


in a nutshell, the purpose of the logs is to hold information about Changes in the Database (=transactions). This is needed to recreate the changes after a Database crash. The logs are only kept from the last backup on, as the database can be restored to this point using restore. So this is the reason and logic for deleting the logs after a backup.

I do not know If you can choose to keep the logs.

BTW, what do you need the logs for?