A few questions about Tamino Manager...


Tamino Version:
Platform: Windows 2000 Professional
I’m working with Tamino-client and accessing to the Tamino-server through the local net.


1. Administration.
How can i add an administrator for Tamino Manager?
For example i have an administrator account at the Win2k with userID: Admin.
When i’m adding user Admin as administrator in Tamino Manager i cannot access then the Tamino Manager(logout. then login as: ‘Admin’) using this user ID.
That’s very strange…

2. What means option ‘Switch To New Log Space’?
Documentation have a couple of words about it… and i cannot understand the main idea of this option. When should i use it?

Thank you before hand.


about changing the log file:

the log file is used to write down all the changes that occured to your database since the last backup. so, if you should happen to lose your data containers, you can use the backup and then (in the recover phase) follow the log an thus recreate all activities that will finally reconstruct the data containers up to the point where the log file ends.
side note: if you lose the log file but still have the data containers: no worry, just make a backup, and you are again in a very safe place.

the ‘change log’ option enables you to do something that is generally not recommended: run the database without interruption and (and this is the bad point) without creating backups.
as long as a log file is being written, it will grow, and there are no means to make a consistent operating system generated copy resp. backup of this file - it is continuously being modified by tamino. the only way to get a consistent copy of if is to tell tamino to close this log (and in turn move it to the log archive location).

i hope this helps and doesn’t add to the confusion.
else just let me know.

andreas f.

The general idea of the option is NOT to enable “you to do something that is generally not recommended”.
The idea is that even with a regular backup, log spaces can grow considerable when there are many updates.
The options gives you a chance to limit the size of a log space by switching to another one (the first one then gets archived if you have defined a log archive location). This prevents potential “device full” situations. Without the “switch log space” you can get a new log space only by either creating a backup or restarting the database.