Does Tamino has a log file?


is there a log file where Tamino logs all its error messages and where I can monitor the general health of Tamino?
Where is it?


Hi Guido,

you can use the Tamino Manager. Under the node
“Job Monitor” you find “Pending alerts”. You will see all Tamino jobs that encountered an error or a warning. These jobs will remain in this category until you confirm the alerts.

Hope this is what you were looking for



Thanks for the answer Harald, that does help.

However I can still imaging use cases where I want to integrate with other system management procedures/infrastructure and the most simple way to do this is always “grep the log file”.

So does anyone know a way to view the logs without the use of Tamino Manager?


You can see the same with the Tamino Manager batch interface (argbatch) from the command line and so you can process it output like a text file.