Command History

hi! Guys!

1.Is There a way to find out the commands issued againest the tamino database and the source (like machine IP, OR loginName etc…)

2. How can i set up security restrictions on tamino (like allow some one to readonly some one to read write, some one with read, write delete etc…)

Hi Maruthi,

1. You could check the webserver log, although this might not tell you everything you want to know.

2. The Tamino documentation should contain some information about setting up “Access Control Lists” (ACLs) to introduce security measures.


Hi Ford!

Thanks for u r info. i will check with Tamino Documentation

Re your 1st question:

a) Tamino Manager holds Job Logs for every administration command issued. In conjunction with an analysis of the web server logs this may hint at who has managed your database.

b) If you need such a command list, you could write a pass-thru servlet that accepts requests on behalf of Tamino and stores all information (like HTTP headers and the command itself. Where to store it? Of course in a XML document inside Tamino…

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