Users unable to copy the files in the web folde

Hi all

I have successfully installed Tamino webDAV server along with Tamino XML server on my machine. I am able to create a webfolder by the name myfolder, also i am able to create subfolders in this myfolder.

The problem is if any other user on the network except me (Tamino webdav server is running on my machine) tries to copy a file in the myfolder he is not able to copy…

Also if another user tries to copy a file from this myfolder to his machine, he is not able to do that…

Please help me in resolving this problem…


Hi Deepak,

can you please send me more informations about your environment? What Tamino DB version do you use? Which Webdav Server Version do you have installed? Did you invoke ‘inodavconfig install security’ before the problems have occured? On which platform (Unix, Windows (Version) etc.) do you run the Webdav Server? And can you please post me the log files of the Webdav Server? (the log files can be found under {your_webdav_install_path}/jakarta-tomcat/logs)


Hi Deepak,

how did you create “myfolder”?