copy and paste from tamino to window application


I have xx document in webdav folder and I want to copy it into windows application (e.i. windows explorer)but tamino copied as shortcut.

How can I copy and paste it not only as a shortcut?

Hi Angeles,

I have tried to reproduce your problem. I can,
without problems, drag & drop a file from a
WebDAV folder to:
- local folder (using File Explorer)
- application (e.g. *.doc to MS Word, *.xml to

What exactly does not work as expected at your

Saludos de un tico en Darmstadt,


you’re right , you can do it from windows explorer to another folder, but for example if you have a HTML page with XSL and an hiperlink, the result in HTML page is a tamino query, how you copy from HTML page to another place, maybe another frame , or windows explorer or another application.

Or if you have a browser with http://localhost/taminowebdavserver/applicationX
you have a list of the files inside your webdav directory, click right mouse in any file and you only have copy as shortcut, why?? because it’s a tamino query?


Well, after some discussions between Angeles and me via email, we came to the following conclusion:

1) The issue of the missing COPY command is related to the way, the WebDAV server is accessed: if the WebDAV server URL is opened from IE (but not as web folder), it is accessed simply as HTTP server. In such case, the WebDAV extensions to HTTP (such as COPY) are not available.

2) To access a WebDAV server from a web application, some client-side programming would be necessary. Probably also server-side approaches, such as using servlets and JSP can help.


I’m experiencing a similiar problem. Access, not even with “WebFolder” being selected, doesn’t work. MS Word only gets a hyperlink rather than the actual doc.
Strangely enough, I can easily open the resp. document with Word’s own File-Open-Network… feature. Then I do get the document and can actually edit it.
But "Save"ing the document just gets me a word document within my collection. Am I missing something ?