Two Problems?


I seem to have two problems:

1. Using “Send To” from a web folder doesn’t do anything (no error, no entry in log, but file isn’t “sent to” the application).

2. When a file is opened (using Notepad or XML Spy) from the web folder, it appears with [1] at the end of the name - and selecting “Save As” indicates that the file has been opened from a file in the “Temporary Internet Files” folder.

What have I done wrong?!


Hello Trevor,

The WebFolder GUI does not completely offer the same functionality as the ?normal? FileManager GUI, even if they seam to be identically integrated.

1) The ?send to? does not work for all options (in my environment it did work for ?send to A:? and ?send mail recipient?, etc, but did not work (without an error message) for others.
2) How did you open the XML file in XML Spy, via ?open URL?? In this case you should see the complete and correct URL.
3) Some tools support a drag&drop of files from WebFolder into this application. In this case (mostly?) a temporary copy is generated in temp. If there is already a file with this name the [2] will be visible.

Best regards