localhost Integration Server username and password reset


I am running webMethods IS 9.8 locally. Whenever I restart my local IS via Stop / Start Integrations Server 9.8, my connection configurations (username and password) reset to my windows username and i’m not sure what password. My other connections to development / test servers do not change.

Are these connections stored in a properties file somewhere? I have done a grep on the SoftwareAG folder to find “localhost”, “localmachine” or my windows username, but can not find anything useful yet. It is not a huge issue, but every day I need to re-enter my username and password, it does not seem to persist once i reboot the local server.


Hi John,

you should be able to find this data in the following file:

Might be that this file is not writable by the user used to run Designer.

I do not think that this happens during Stop/Start of IS, more likely this happens during restart of Designer.


Thanks, that did the trick!

I changed the permissions of the folder - C:\Users\username\workspace98.metadata.plugins\com.softwareag.is.core so they were not read-only.