Loading big files into Adabas 5.1.1 on Windows XP


After created a Database with the suggested recommendation of two Asso Containers :

a) I made a 10 Mb Asso1 on C with a block size of 2048
b) I made a 2 Gig Asso2 on D with a blokch size of 32K
c) I made a 3 Gig Data1 on D with a block size of 4096

Now when I load my first file “SYSNEE-FILE” with the folliwng file sizes , I get “Asso\Data space has been exhausted” message :

DS 400 MB
NI 600 MB
UI 50 MB
Padding Factor 3
Reuse ISN = ON
Reuse DS = ON

Conclusion :

I think the way you calculate how many block you need for a MB specification is wrong because there is enough space in the Database.

I printed your Error/Utilities manual and it does not help me at all ?


Hello Anton,

to analyse Your topic I need more information:
With which utility did You load the data (adabck, adaord, adamup)?
Which options for the utility did You use?
Please let me see a “adarep db=xxx summary” before and after the laoding procedure.
Are You get a new ADABAS container during the load?
Which container are exhausted ASSO or DATA or both?


Heiko Kaffenberger

Hi Anton,

With Adabas v5.1 the following changes in the index processing has been introduced:

Adabas now makes a distinction between small (< 16 KB blocksize) and large (>= 16 KB) index blocks. As long as you have only small descriptor values Adabas tries to use small index blocks, and only if you have large descriptor values, large index blocks are used. Therefore during file definition you now can specify 2 values for NISIZE and UISIZE; the first value is the value for small index blocks, and the second is the value for small index blocks. You specified only one value - this means small index blocks, and you have allocated only 10 MB small index blocks, and therefore you get the error.

For more information see Administration manual, Database Design, Data Access Strategies, Efficient use of descriptors and Utilities Manual, ADAFDU, parameters NISIZE and UISIZE.

I assume that you want to use relative large index blocks, but that your descriptor values are small. Therefore I recommend you to define your database with an ASSO1 container of 2 GB and 8 KB blocksize. An ASSO2 container with 32 KB blocksize is useful only if you use large descriptor values.

Wolfgang Obmann