Adabas 3.3.1 on winxp(pro)

I am trying to create a new file on adabas 3.3.1 on windows xp, i m getting this message despite adding new containers for associater and data, any clue??
%ADAFDU-I-STARTED, 25-MAY-2006 11:38:57, Version (Windows)

%ADAFDU-I-DBON, database 12 accessed online
%ADAFDU-E-ADA077, * ASSO/DATA storage exhausted
%ADAFDU-I-IOCNT, 53 IOs on dataset FDUFDT
%ADAFDU-I-ABORTED, 25-MAY-2006 11:38:58, elapsed time: 00:00:01

That is not ADABAS D, that’s ADABAS ©. ADABAS D is unrelated to ADABAS (other than the shared name).

I suggest that you repost future questions in the Open Systems area.

Edited because WW is a nicer fellow than I. :oops:

Based on the ADAFDU parameters you are providing (usually MAXISN only) Adabas tries to calculate the space required on ASSO and DATA, if this exceeds the available space - Adabas complains (of course) :wink: