Loading and unloading from REXX

I want to load and unload Natural objects using REXX code. I can edit and list Natural objects from REXX but I don’t see anything happening when I try to unload a Natural object. Where should I look for any messages that may be written for this type of function?

What utilities/programs are you using for the unload and load?

What is the purpose of the unload? Backup? Code manipulation?

Natural writes its messages to CMPRINT.

I’m using SYSOBJH. The ultimate goal source code maintenance in a system external to Natural. I allocate a CMPRINT dataset but it is empty.

Why bother building such a system when Software AG is giving everyone NaturalONE’s Eclipse-based editor for free?

I haven’t ever used SYSOBJH, but the Utilities manual for it indicates any report (and I presume any error message) is written out to a Natural text member in Natural library WORKPLAN. If you don’t have a WORKPLAN library, there is a way to change the default name in the SYSOBJH profile settings.


If running in batch, there also appears to be a BATCHREPORT option you can request that writes to the SYSOUT DD.

Hope that helps,