NATURAL utility SYSOBJH reporting

In the Batch run of “Object Handler” utility SYSOBJH (UNLOAD function) with XREF=ON, the report does not indicate the"Xrf" data being unloaded from the FDIC file. While comparing it with SYSUNLD (NATUNLD function), where it clearly reports that “Xrf” data being unloaded along with “Src” and “Cat”. The “Src” + “Cat” is unloaded from FUSER while “Xrf” from FDIC.
The “BATCHREPORT” option do show that it is unloaded with XREF data and the LOAD function shows that object is “Loaded with XREF”
But what i am interested, is to see in the Batch Report the XREF data being “literally” unloaded from FDIC file.

Another issue is how can i include the ‘FDIC’ in the syntax of option-clause e.g. “WHERE FDIC fnr”