Limitation on number of DDMs in a CDD file?


I did an unload (SYSOBJH) of all DDMs in an environment in order to create a CDD that contained all DDMs. When I tried to import the SYSOBJH file, the list of DDMs only contained the first so many of them (could be 100 - I didn’t count), but I have a lot more that were in the file.

Is there a way to import as many as the SYSOBJH file contains?



Hi Brian,

All the DDMs will be imported as long as they are mapped to a valid database id. Any DDMs mapped to DBID 255 are skipped.

However since so many were skipped in your case perhaps something is not working properly.

Could you create a support incident please, then we can get to the bottom of the issue.



Hi Larry,

Thanks for the suggestion. I opened an SR and provided the SYSOBJH data file, the SYSOBJH output and screen shots of what was happening.

Hopefully they will provide a solution that will allow me to import all relevant DDMs. I don’t want to import any it would skip anyway but would like the opportunity to select those.