No importable data (fields) visible when trying to import a DDM into an LDA in SPoD ?


One of our developers just approached me with an interesting issue. She is trying to create a view in an LDA from a newly created DDM on the mainframe. The DBA created 2 new DDMs, the first one gives her no problems. The second one, however, she cannot import. When she tries to, no fields show up in the popup where you select the DDM and then the fields you want to import. So the DDM does show up in the list of DDMS but when she clicks on it no fields appear in the list of importable data.

I don’t really see any direct difference between the 2 DDMs in Predict, although I am not a DBA so I could easily miss a detail. Does anybody have any idea what could cause this behaviour ?

This is in SPoD 6.3 (and 8.3 as well), NDV 8.2.4, Natural 8.2.4 on z/os .


Hi Ronald,

Only thing that comes to mind is the second ddm was saved but not stowed.
Even so, I would guess that Natural would not have it in the ddm list if it was not stow’ed.

Perhaps it was stow’ed without any fields. Then the dba realized what they had done; selected the appropriate fields, then saved but didn’t stow the correct ddm. Thus you would have source and object out of synch.

Take a look at the timestamp for the ddm. If the cat and save have markedly different times, it is possible that what I wrote above actually took place.

solution would be to delete the ddm (source and object) and try again.


Hi Steve,

thanks for the reply. I missed mentioning that you can list the DDM and you see all fields (from within SPoD), no problem. Also, creating a user view on the mainframe from the same DDM works as it should…


Wouldn’t by any chance be a problem with national characters ?
Perhaps you could post a listing of both DDMs ?

Are there any errmsg when you try to load it ?


well, our DBA decided to open a support case for this so it is out of my hands for now.