LDAP Access Error in MWS

Hi Team,

Did anyone faced this type of issue in MWS LDAP page.

I am not able to access LDAP page, I am seeing below exception.

Hi Kiran,

please provide more details about your issue, like MWS version, Fixes applied etc.

JnJActiveDirectory does not sound like a common part of MWS to me.


It looks like its the name of the LDAP connection.

Kiran you probably have a missing module. Please provide your __full__.log in addition to Holger’s requests, after repeating the error steps. You can check the document below if you want to diagnose it yourself.


Hi Holger, Sarlak

MWS Version 10.7

JnJActiveDirectory is the name of the LDAP Configuration Name.

What we are doing was using CCE we migrated the 10.7 version to 10.7 to different VM that includes IS, MWS, SPM, CTP, TC. After the successful migration we see that in MWS PAGE I am not able to access LDAP configurations. Not sure what went wrong during MWS Migration.

I am trying to reproduce the issue, Once I reproduce the I will share the details which you refered.

We need __full__.log entries for determining the exact problem. But according to what you told, its highly likely that you have db connection not set properly. Please verify DB connection strings and check again.

There is another possibility here that you may have different fix levels on DB scripts/tables and on your MWS. In order to make sure you are all set, you can update your environment to latest and migrate db scripts to the latest. You can review the fix release notes and apply migration scripts accordingly as well.

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