Large file Handling using UM

Anyone knows how to handle large files using UM.



Please clarify what you mean by large file. How large?
Also, why do you plan to put large files through UM?


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AFAIK UM can handle large file content like broker does, but you have to design to split/chunk the file content and then process them one by one. You can use xml node iterator or ff iterator for handling the large file content. Even a custom java service can also work.

Additionally, you must fine tune your JVM memory for handling large files on IS.

UM can handle messages of MBs in size. The default max message size in recent UM versions is 20MB (in earlier versions it ws 1MB).
The difference is purely a config setting and it is simply designed to protect the server from large messages. So if you have large messages and UM has enough memory assigned, you can safely increase that setting.
But you should also determine whether a messaging product is the right way to deliver data of such a size. Such files may be more reliably transferred using a Managed File Transfer product, where you only transfer associated metadata through messaging.
This doesn’t only apply to UM, but would be relevant for most messaging products.