Large Document Handling

I have two question about large document handling.

First, if we configure our IS for large document handling and we receive EDIINT data and all we do with these documents is pull out the payload and write the payload to a backend system file for another translator to consume, will this configuration help with memory errors. We have a customer that sends 852 data that is around 4 to 4 1/2 MB and if we do not recycle our IS for 5 or 6 days we can not get through this data without the IS crashing.

Second, for data we are process through webMethods as our EDI solution, if we configure the IS for large document handling, what changes do I need to make to services like envelopeProcess adn convertToValues. I was working with a support person at webMethods and it was mentioned briefly that these services and maybe others would need to be slightly modified.

I didn’t see anything in the input fields of envelopeProcess where large document handling is specified, so I was wondering if it is on the IS page for WmEDI to retrieve documents in chunks.