JSF Web application in MWS


Can any one reply me or suggest me , web application which is developed in JSF can be deployed in My webmethods server.

Our java resource has developed web application USING JSF in eclipse and deployed in Jboss application server, i want to know if same webapplication can be deployed into MWS(my webmethods Server).

And also i need what is difference between JSF web application and CAF web application.

How can i recommend CAF web application instead of JSF web application.
in which scenario CAF web application can fit indtead of JSF web application.

Anil Kumar Ellendula

Hi Anil,

if you can refer to the designer guide you will get more clarity on this. CAF is just a framework for the portlet development and it uses JSF for the development.
Allmost all the CAF applications are JSF based.

Regarding application developed in JSF using eclipse and deployed on JBoss. If you go through the designer Architecture you will get to know that Designer got both of these migrated in it. you just need to do some small configuration changes and some more installation and you can get it working.

I strongly recomment Designer user guide for details.


Punit Kumar

Hi Punit,

I knew That CAF runs in JSF lifecycle and JCR. my question is JSF web application which has task implementation can deployable in MWS.

Anil Kumar Ellendula