How to communicate BPM and JSF web application

Hi All,

we have developed JSF webapplication UI and deployed in JBoss application server, it has task Inbox implementation in UI, Different Group user has it’s own privileges pages inside in it, as soon as users of particular groups loging UI, it’s has his myInbox for workflow approvals accept or Reject.

now we are planing to go for designing of process models using BPM Designer for workflow process, i want to know is BPM process model (which is deloyed in MWS)can able able to communication JSF webapplication which is deployed in JBoss?. If yes, how it possible and what are the steps need to take care.

in BPM process model (work Flow) has to create task in JSF UI Task inboxes of particular user of group’s.

and also If user of one group logged-in UI and approve or reject the task work flow , how communication send back to process model to resume furthure process in the process model.

Can any one suggest me how the communicat can made between JBOSS JSF web application and BPM process Models which is running in MWS and IS.

Anil Kumar Ellendula

If i’m reading this correctly, you have a task UI application that manages tasks deployed to JBoss. You want to have your task (engine) communicate with SAG’s process Engine.

That’s a good question, but that question belongs in a different forum: Business Process Management (BPM)

(This forum is more focused on CAF, MWS and SAG’s Task Engine)


Hi Mark,

What did you understand is correct, o.k i will post this topic in right forum list.

if You know any idea on this it will be great help to me.

Anil Kumar Ellendula