About MWS Application

Hi All,

I knew that MWS is an Application server but i still confuse , can any one explain me in MWS which application server inside in it Jboss or Apache tomact server .

Any one brief me Architecture of MWS, and how it works.

Anil kumar Ellendula

MWS is not an official Application server. It is a portlet container that uses Jetty’s Servlet engine for managing HTTP traffic.

There’s an article on the communities site that might give you a better idea of how CAF (portlet) application’s respond to requests in the context of MWS (and JSF)



Hi Mark,

Thanks for your reply , you replied that MWS is not application server, i have gone through the community link, can you please reply me which web server (JBOSS Or TOMCAT) inside my webMethods server(MWS).

i understood by going through the community links that MWS(my webMethods Server) has webMethods CAF JSF engine , process through the entire JSF Life Cycle., Can you please explain me this JSF engine is Jboss or tomcat server or it’s own engine in MWS.

Anil Kumar Ellendula

MWS uses Jetty (http://jetty.codehaus.org/jetty/) for the servlet engine and http stack.

MWS uses Sun’s JSF implementation, and subclass and build on top if it as needed.

Here’s some reference information on MWS & JSF: