JMS triiggers

Hi Guys,

Like broker triggers , can we disbale JMS triggers also temporarily.

My Issue here is :

Disabling JMS triggers before deployment and restart ISs and enable the triggers back

What i want is : Before deployment If I can disable JMS triggers then after restart they should be resumed to previous state.

are you using the messaging page in IS to configure triggers? if yes,
you can turn them off on the page:
Settings > Messaging > JMS Trigger Management
There is a “Edit All” option on the right side.

Option 1: Settings > Messaging > JMS Trigger Management - disable/enable

Option 2: You can disable/enable from developer/designer.


I am aware of the enale /disable HMS triggers from developer / IS Admin page. My requirement here is when i disable all JMS triggers from admin page and when I restart the IS servers , these triggers should resumed to previous state auomatically. Is it possible. We can do with broker triggers (by temporarily disabling triggers) not sure with JMS triggers.

@ Satish
The JMS triggers should remain disabled even after the restart of IS. Once the IS is up you can go and enable them.

I disabled on developer by locking the JMS trigger and made Enabled to ‘false’ in properties.

I guess the same should work on IS. Worth giving it a try :slight_smile: Let us know the results!

Mahesh and Satish,

I believe JMS triggers are dependent on the connection alias on IS . If we disable the triggers before you shut down the IS they will get disabled , But once you restart the IS , the package in which the trigger is present gets reloaded and if the connection alias associated with the JMS trigger is enabled it automatically gets connected with the JMS Broker .

Iam not sure how the mapping between connection alias and JMS trigger is in your environment . If it is one to one then we can think of disabling connection alias and see how it works . This is just my thought please correct me :smiley: .


Hi Satish,
JMS trigger’s can be disabled in a temporary basis the way you do it in Broker trigger. When you try to disable a broker trigger, you can see an option ‘apply changes permanently’. If you choose ‘yes’, the state of the trigger is always disabled, and even if you restart, the trigger would be in disabled state. If you choose ‘no’, after restart the trigger will be active.

However, JMS trigger doesn’t have the option of disabling on the session basis. When you disable, it will change the state of the JMS trigger to ‘disabled’, and upon restart it will be in the same state. Unless you enable it manually, it will be in disabled state.


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Yes Senthil you are correct . I am just wondering is there any way like custom java service etc

Hi Satish,
You can write a flow service which uses the following WmRoot services (not supported by SAG) to know the list of JMS Triggers which are suspended/disabled, and try to enable them. This service can be set as a startup service of a specific package, which will run every time server is restarted, or package is reloaded…

wm.server.jms:getTriggerReport - retrieves all JMS Triggers, and has specific details of them
wm.server.jms:enableJMSTriggers - enable the trigger which are in suspended/disabled mode

wm.server.jms:suspendJMSTriggers - to suspend a JMS trigger which is active
wm.server.jms:disableJMSTriggers - to disable a JMS trigger which is active



Thanks Senthil . They might be helpful. :slight_smile:

Yes good source to start with monitoring these kinds of assets. :smiley: