How do I list the JMS triggers on an IS?

I am looking all over in WmRoot/wm/server/jms and see how to disable, enable, JMS Triggers, but nothing for listing what JMS triggers exist on the IS.

Anyone know if there is a built in service for that?

Use wm.server.triggers:getTriggerReport and other services in this NS

To enable or disable there are services in WmPublic/pub/trigger folder. Kindly explore.

Thank you, I’ve already explored those. For wm.server.jms:getTriggerReport…you have to supply the trigger name to get a report on it, it does not give you a list of all JMS triggers on the IS which is what I’m needing so that I can use that for the other services that disable/enable, etc.

Anyone know of a service that lists all JMS triggers on an IS? For example there is but when I run it I only get JDBC and MQ adapters listed.

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There is a small trick do not pass the input to wm.server.jms:getTriggerReport

It will list all the triggers and you can loop over them and enable/disable as you need. Test this on wM 9.8, can you try and confirm.

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Thank you so much, that works! It’s too bad the documentation doesn’t tell you that little bit of info!

thanks again!

Yes, there is no documentation on WmRoot package as it is internal and private to SAG :slight_smile:

Make sure you take care of the services which are used out of WmRoot package while wM upgrade as these services might change without any prior notice to the customer. Good luck

Yes, This trick is working fine for me as well.