JMS Trigger Monitoring

webMethods7.1.2: I would like to monitor when a JMS Trigger is suspended. I have pursued a couple different options (listed below) but can’t find a good fit. I’m assuming there’s a way to do it, just can’t find it in the doco. Please review my list below and provide options. Thanks.

  1. Resource Monitoring Service - I discarded this, as the doco only indicates that it is called on transient errors. The monitor I want to write needs notify me WHENEVER the trigger is suspended for ANY reason.

  2. Event Handler - I have tested with JMS Delivery and Retrieval Failures but didn’t my event didn’t fire in all cases. I have tested with Alarm Event, but apparently suspending the trigger is not an alarm. I can get this to work with and Exception Event, but I don’t like this. It is not specific enough, and I don’t feel it would be as accurate as a monitoring service that is querying IntegrationServer directly about state of the trigger.

  3. Custom Java Service - I have not written this yet, and am hoping for something ‘more in the box’. I know there is an API (JMSTriggerFacade.getState()) that seems like it would work. I would simply put this in a scheduled flow.

Thanks for your time.

Hi Tim,

You might have already got the solution for your below mentioned query. We also faced the same situation, for which I have created custom JMS monitoring service using built in services. This monitoring service is working in Prod since last 6 months now.

If you are still looking for the solution, I can provide you more details about same. let me know.


ShwetaJ I would be interested in your solution.

We use Optimize for infrastructure, now we can monitor whatever and easily alert via smtp, snmp or even call wsdl’s to start recovery services.

Though this only applies if you have Optimize, could be worth checking out.

Thor I.