Access to properties of a JMS trigger

How to access programmatically the properties of a JMS trigger, basically I want to know if trigger is enabled or disabled.

Hi Raj,

You may try using isExecuteEnabled java service under
dispatcher.trigger.TriggerFacade package.

Please try and let me know if it works.

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Thanks for your post, but it dosn’t work for JMS triggers

Just tried …JMSTriggerFacade it worked Thanks again to leading to right directon

Hi Rajkumar,

Its worked for me also… Thanks alot… :).

TriggerFacade triggerfacade = new TriggerFacade(triggerName);
boolean status = triggerfacade.isExecuteEnabled();

Hi, Can we get the JMS trigger properties using any wM built-in java/flow services instead of java API?

With this sort of thing I tend to look for the admin UI DSP page that shows the information you need (in the WmRoot package) and then find out what service it was calling to do it.

But be warned: these are not public services, so don’t go calling them and expecting they won’t change in subsequent releases. Always best to isolate any call to these in a separate package…

Services of interest however:

  • wm.server.jms:getConnectionAliasReport
  • wm.server.jms:getTriggerReport

You’ll also find that they don’t have specified inputs/outputs generally, so you have to do some work to sort that stuff out.

In other words: it’s a bit hacky if you want to do things this way. The option to use the broker admin java API is at least publicly documented and supported.

Nathan Lee