JDE One World

I have installed and configured the JDE OW adapter 4.5 version and when i run the adapter in the Adpater Manager 4.6 i get the following error message

“java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: COM/activesw/adapter/cadk40/AdapterConfiguration”

any information on this will be of great help


If you need to run the JDE OneWorld 4.5 adapter with Adapter Manager, you need the adapterJNI.dll (bin directory) and the classes\COM directory tree from a 4.1.1 installation. You shouldn’t need any other files. After copying those files, restart your adapter monitor. I think this should work with most other adapters built on the 4.1.1 CADK as well.

Skip Franklin

I did finially manage to get rid of the Error,
But when i try to run the Adapter in Debug mode it gives me a Error as is below

9:02:23 AM [Adapter] (085) The adapter process could not start up.
9:02:23 AM XPIe OneWorldAdapter: (804) J.D. Edwards OneWorld reported the following error:
9:02:23 AM Connection failed. Plz see Enterprise Server log for details

I look in the log files to see if there are any details but i seem not to get any futher information.

This is from the JAS log file
Error during login: com.jdedwards.system.kernel.CallObjectSystemException: COSE#1002 Connection failed.

Did i miss any step in config.,??

Thanks in Advance.

That’s the generic JDE error message for failure to start up a connection to the Enterprise Server. It means that the adapter was able to find the remote machine on the network, but that the server refused to allow the adapter to actual make any OneWorld calls. Usually this is something as simple as a bad username/password, but it can also be the wrong settings (like port number, for example) in the jdeinterop.ini file, or corrupt JAR files (the ones you created from GenJava on the JDE server). To get more information on the error you have to look at the log file on the Enterprise Server (that’s the JDE server, not your adapter’s machine), which involves having an admin turn on logging and look at the security and application log files.

I’d suggest you double check the username/password you’re using first - it has to be able to log into OneWorld (not the database, the application itself). Then make sure your jdeinterop.ini settings are correct, and re-generate the JAR files. If none of those help, then get with the server admin and look at the Enterprise Server logs.