JDE One world adapter

JDE One world adapter 4.7
JVM 1.3

How to use the Operation templates to generate a notification event, tried using Notification To String (For Internal Use Only), but how should be the event (Event Name ) generated on JDE side which will return an XML . Any input is appreciated.

I believe once the Notification Event is generated then extract the data and using the XML Adapter make it an XML.But i dont know whether JDE can return the XML file like peoplesoft does.


Well, OWAdapter does not need the xml adapter.
To use Real Time Events (and I guess that is what you want to do), you would have to :

  • Create an Outbound Transformation
  • Specify the name of the Real Time Event to use
  • Create an Integration Component that does subscribe to the corresponding document type on the Broker (in AdapterDocuments) and parses the xml into a canonical document, using the outbound transformation
  • Make your adapter subscribe to this Real Time Event
  • Correctly define the Real Time Event in EnterpriseOne (see the Real Time Event definitions pdf)
  • Correctly activate the IEO and EVN kernels and activate the correct Real Time Event (see interoperability guide).

Hope this helps

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Thanks for understanding my requirement, i searched advantage.webmethods for the Real Time Event definitions pdf and interoperability guide, i didn’t found though.Can you please send me those .

Hello Chandra,

I’m sorry, but these files depend a lot on your ERP version.
The only place I know where you could find them would be on the knowledge garden (if you don’t have access to it yourself, I’m sure your EnterpriseOne administrator does).

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Has anyone here, tried to install and successfully configure the new EnterpriseOne Adapter 6.1 with webMethods 6.1?

I have installed it and tried to configure a connection but get the following error:
[ART.118.5036] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to configure connection manager.
Remote environment initilization failed. Plz see Enterprise Server log for details
com.jdedwards.system.connector.FatalException: Remote environment initilization failed.

Any ideas?

We were able to get it installed and configured to talk to OneWorld XE SP23 or higher. It needed entries in /etc/hosts on OW server and wM server.