JdE One World Adapter Installation for ES


Can anyone please tell me how to install the one world JdE Adapter for ES. I did the installation and found the other adapters configured missing in the Adapter Config tool. So, I un-installed the JdE one world adapter. I need to know the steps to be followed during the Installation.

Thanks in advance…


According to me, missing other adapter configuration is not because of JDE adapter installation. Check the adapter.cfg file, that may be corrupted.
While JDE adapter installation, Only thing we need to make sure is configuring the adapter and classpath for jar files like connector.jar and kernel.jar.

i am trying to use the JDE one world adapter for integration POC.

i need to interact with JDE one world on AS400 with DB2 as database.

the other applications being the siebel

if anyone has done this before and has any suggestions will be a of a great help as this area of integration is pretty much new to me.

awaiting for your replies



Here you go…

  1. Before Installing the JDE Adapter make sure that all the processes related to wM are stopped. Take the backup of adapters.cfg file.

  2. After all the processes are stopped, start the installation process. While installing the adapter, it asks for some overwriting the existing files (say “NO” to all those), else it wipes out all the other configured adapters. The files are beans_adapters.cfg file and others also start with beans_…cfg files.

  3. After the Adapter is installed, you will see all the installed adapters (both earlier and JdE). JdE 4.5 has more than 6-7 adapters (oneworld, mail, xml … etc).

Note: Better to install the JdE Client in the same machine as ES and Adapters. Its installed in B7 directory. Add the lib directory files to the System Classpath.

Also, check the Server name, Port and the IP Address in the DNS settings of the machine. They need to be correct (this is different from the Internet settings).

  1. Copy the jdeinterop.ini file from the JdE server and modify the same to our requirement and place it lib directory of JdE45.

  2. Copy the kernel.jar and connector.jar from the JdE Client machine and place them in the same directory.

  3. Add the jdeinterop.ini, kernel.jar, connector.jar and jdeproperties.property file in the system classpath.

  4. While configuring the adapter add the jdeinterop.ini, kernel.jar, connector.jar and jdeproperties.property files in to the classpath of the configuration.

  5. Create a jde.log file somewhere and add that into the jdeinterop.ini file.

  6. Add repository into the jdeinterop.ini file. If JdE client is installed use the same directory else create it…

  7. use the genjava class file to generate the jar file and add the same into the classpath of the configuration and system. Place all the created jar files in the repository.

  8. edit the sample. java file to call the desired BSFN (Business function) as necessary which can be used in the configured operation later.

Hope this helps…