JDBC Adpater connection for Webmethods 6.5 and Oracle 10g XE

I’m vinay and I’m new to webMethods. I’m working on webMethods 6.5 and trying to connect oracle 10gxe. I have netered all the required fields, but still getting me error. cant find the data soruce file and name and cant configure the configuration manager.

I have checked with old post but can’t able to get the whole solution. Can any one of u help me in this error.


Please re-read the posts on what to enter in the Adapter Connection properties and re-read the relevant pages in the JDBC Adapter User’s Guide. I believe the default SID for XE is, you guessed it, XE. The rest of the values would have been specified by you in the XE installation and database creation process. No one here can tell you what you entered there.

I have successfully connected to 10g XE from both IS 6.5 and IS 7.1.


Hi mate,

It is easy task dude,First send me your all settings if possible then I will 100% resolve your problem.

1)JDBC Pool Setting
2)JDBC Adapter Setting

Nothing much in it…So Simple…Dont you worry


Thanks for the support…
I have entered all the information in the formal way…like

Datasource name : oracle.jdbc…
database name : XE
server name : XTSLAB1-1
user name : HR
password :**(****
and similar to that…

even i have kept the calss12.jar in the folder of integration server…
I’m getting the following error…
cant able to configure the Configuration manager
can able to configure the database adpater
not able to cofigure the datasoruce…

ok fine,

Now check that you have set the classpath for your ojdbc.jar which you have put in IntegrationServer/lib/jars folder…

If it is there and r u sure that you have set then it wont complain for this type of error dear?

Juz check it first then inform me, we will process ahead


Thnaks for the reply isti,
I have check the path and now it is working…Thanks for support…Hope to work further with u guys…


Can you post the Adapter Connection settings that worked for your XE database?


sure… webMethod Jindabad :slight_smile:


nothing man,
Juz was saying that Enjoy webMethod World


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